Headley on the Block? Again? Still?

Not much to see here, folks. Apparently Cashman commented yesterday on 3B Chase Headley’s availability, saying there’s no guarantee he stays with the team. So what can we expect to come from this statement? Basically nothing. It seems pretty much like it’s just Cashman being Cashman.

We knew that Headley and some other veterans were being shopped around earlier in the offseason, but those rumors died down pretty quickly. Cashman is a good GM and he knows that every player should be considered available, given the right price. What’s he supposed to say? That Headley is untouchable and there’s a 100% chance he’s on the opening day roster? That’d be pointless. Either way, it seems like it’s basically all smoke and no fire. Unless something changes between now and the start of the season, Headley is the team’s only legitimate option at third. Sure, the guy’s April was horrendous. But by May he started to pick things up and finished the season as a 2.6 bWAR player. That’s at least average. Nothing to write home about, but the team could do a lot worse than average. He was actually ranked 8th in dWAR last season, which is, dare I say it, pretty decent.

So, I know a lot of fans want him gone, but for now he’s the most likely candidate to start the season at third, and we’ll have to content ourselves with that.


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