Keith Law: Yankees Farm System #2 in MLB

Keith Law revealed his rankings for the top 10 farm systems in the MLB today, and the Yankees came in hot at number two, jumping eleven places in the rankings from last season when Law had them at thirteen. The Braves repeat as the top system once again this year as they continue their rebuild, however even Law concedes, “You can make an argument for the Yankees deserving the top slot.” He cites Atlanta’s depth of young arms as his reasoning for giving them the edge over the Yanks, but gives New York the advantage when it comes to position players. So by some measures, it’s a toss-up. Either way, number two ain’t bad.

Anybody following the team since the end of July probably isn’t super surprised by the ranking. The club took three players on their roster (Andrew Miller, Aroldis Chapman, and Carlos Beltran), two of which only had less than half a season of service time left on their contracts, and swapped them for a total of 11 players (10 minor leaguers). The two biggest names of the deadline deals were SS Gleyber Torres from the Cubs and OF Clint Frazier from the Indians, both top ranked players in their respective club’s systems. These two guys are now pretty much the consensus #1 and #2 prospects in the Yankees farm no matter how you flip them. Other highlights of the deadline deals included LHP Justus Sheffield (the teams top lefty pitching prospect) and RHP Dillon Tate (former #4 overall pick). In addition to these headliners, the team also got plenty of depth guys, and even added a couple hard throwers by trading Brian McCann to the Astros this offseason.

This is all on top of their pre-existing top ranked system players, including SS/2B Jorge Mateo, OF Aaron Judge, and OF Blake Rutherford. Law calls the system “absolutely loaded” and adds “there’s no weakness here.” Pretty exciting … no … INSANELY exciting for a team that’s been oft-criticized over the past decade or more for flipping prospects and trotting out team after team of aging veterans.

Will all of these guys pan out? Obviously not. But it’s a good place for the Yankees to be right now, as a (technically) competing team with a stacked farm system. Some will make it to the Bronx, some will get dealt to other teams, and some will inevitably fade into obscurity, but as of now the future is real bright for New York and the Baby Bombers.


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