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WBC Rosters Finalized

(LiAnna Davis)

After much news and many rumors in the past several months the World Baseball Classic rosters have finally been finalized. Now that it’s all said and done, there are 10 Yankees who will be playing in the competition. Here’s the list:

  1. Kellin Deglan (Canada)
  2. Tito Polo (Columbia)
  3. Donovan Solano (Columbia)
  4. Dellin Betances (DR)
  5. Luis Severino (DR)
  6. Richard Bleier (Israel)
  7. Tommy Layne (Italy)
  8. Giovanny Gallegos (Mexico)
  9. Didi Gregorius (Netherlands)
  10. Tyler Clippard (USA)

All of these players are on their respective teams active rosters with the exception of Severino and Bleier, who are in their club’s designated pitcher pools. This means that they won’t begin the tournament with the team, but they may be called on in later rounds to replace a pitcher currently on the roster. The complete rosters for each team can be found here.

Gary Sanchez, who had initially told the DR team that he planned to play for them, announced this week that he has opted not to participate in the tournament, saying that he would rather spend a full spring with the Yankees to prepare for the season. Good looks, Sanchez. I think the WBC is great, but I’d rather a young guy like Sanchez spend as much time with the team as possible.

USA’s roster looks pretty stacked, although that hasn’t always helped them in the past. Previous winners of the spring classic include Japan (2006 and 2009) and the DR (2013). USA has never even made it into the finals. Nonetheless, it’s difficult to imagine a lineup with the likes of Paul Goldschmidt, Giancarlo Stanton, Buster Posey, Daniel Murphy, Andrew McCutchen, Christian Yelich, Nolan Arenado, etc. etc. not making it deep into the tournament. They’ll also be putting guys like Chris Archer, Marcus Stroman, Sonny Gray, and Michael Fulmer on the mound, so who knows, maybe this could finally be team USA’s year.



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