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Catching Up

Haven’t been able to post much over the last few days, but that’s not due to a lack of news … I mean it’s sort of due to a lack of news. It is still February after all. But, some big things happened over the past few days that are worth mentioning. The first and most obvious is:


It’s really happening folks. Baseball is finally back. Now all you Knicks and Nets fans have something suitable to distract yourselves with, assuming you aren’t hockey fans. All the NYC area NHL teams are actually doing pretty well (Obligatory “Let’s Go Rangers”). Anyway, this is the first big step toward the season. It’s the first glimmers of the light at the end of the deep, dark, horrible tunnel that is the offseason. Get excited. Here’s the spring training roster, with uniform numbers:


Notice no one took 13 (A-rod), 25 (Tex), or 33 (McCann).

Joe Girardi gave his first press conference of the season yesterday. You can find it all on YESNetwork’s YouTube channel. It’s the skippers final year of his four-year contract, and his eleventh full season with the team. Barring something catastrophic, I fully expect to see Joe back in the dugout next season. Couple highlights from the presser:

Girardi made a comparison between the ’96 Yankees and today’s squad, saying that the mix of veteran leadership and new young talent coming onto the scene back then “is kind of what we have here.” Obviously none of us know how all these young players are going to pan out. And Joe pointed out the ’95 Yankees were a very good team, whereas, well, we know what happened with the ’16 Yankees. Still, an exciting comparison.

With Greg Bird and Tyler Austin definitely getting playing time, Chris Carter’s role on the team is still up in the air. Girardi mentioned trying to keep Matt Holliday healthy by not playing him every day at DH, so Carter figures to fit in there in some way. “He’ll fit in,” he said. Perfectly vague and ambiguous answer.

Moving on. Derek and Hannah Jeter are having a baby! It will be their first child. Take a look at this adorable photo set of Jeter that they included with the announcement:

I know we’re all already thinking it, so let me link you to an article by ESPN’s Sam Miller on baseball bloodlines. Long story short, out of a random sample of 118 big leaguers who played in 1978, 27 of them had sons drafted by an MLB team, so it’s not looking too bad for young Jeets. I fully expect him to get drafted by the Yankees, probably around 19-22 years from now. You can quote me on that.

And finally, yesterday also happened to be Tyler Clippard’s birthday. Happy birthday to him. The Yankees’ RHP turned 32.

Anyway, that’s the fast and loose recap of the past few days. The bottom line: baseball is back!


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